Sylvia has experience in leading workshops for students, emerging artists and the wider public. She has worked with children and young people as well as with vulnerable adults, e.g. with mental health issues, temporary homeless men and women, people in recovery from drugs and alcohol and with women involved in the Criminal Justice system. Workshops can be tailored individually.

Sylvia can offer a range of techniques such as devising methods, movement-based approaches, site-specific encounters, Live Art, creative writing, storytelling and composition.

Sylvia can provide expert feedback and development support for emerging artists and students and offers workshops related to her performances such as:

– Decision-making with specialists

– Memory and devising

– Text and writing in performance



Finding it hard to get out of the house can be a problem. I am so glad I attended this session as it gently prompted me to become creative and to question how I felt about myself at the time. A quiet peaceful session that went too quick!
Participant, Performance and Media course for women in recovery from drugs and alcohol