If you decide to stay

I’ve just presented a very early work-in-progress showing at Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment on Friday 27th July. It marked the starting point of my new performance project ‘If you decide to stay’, which I will be developing over the second half of 2012. The project draws on decision-making, acknowledging the complexity of the world within and around us. During the wip some loose images and first thoughts were presented, around the decisions necessary to create a show, whilst the choice of each individual audience member was celebrated to have come along to join.


lovely little snippet of what looks like a great new show!‘ 2Destination Language


Over the next weeks and months I will embark on a journey to retrace a life-time of decision-making. This journey will see me leading conversations with a Neuroscientist, to find out more about neuronal activity involved in decision-making, as well as having meetings with a Psychotherapist, to analyze early childhood incidents that may shed light on how I deal with decisions in my life. A mathematician will be approached to investigate the influence of coincidence and to consider the uncountable alternative routes that would have been possible…… So watch out for more info to come sooooon.