An evocative performance for one audience member at a time, exploring the notion of inner voices: the familiar as well as the more unusual ones. Dance With Me also relates to the voices that may be part of the consciousness of a building and was originally developed for the context of Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth/ Australia, which used to be a Mental Health Asylum.

The audience member enters an empty and sparse room, only equipped with a table, a chair, a table lamp and a cassette recorder. A voice starts to address the audience member and give basic instructions. Soon other voices join in and step by step a cacophony of voices build up and fill the room. The show ends with a surreal encounter.

The development of the performance was informed by conversations with members of the Hearing Voices Network in Bristol.


Originally supported and presented by Proximity Festival, Australia. Supported by Residence.

Each of Program C’s presenters show mastery of the intimacy and mind manipulation possible with a single audience member, but Dance With Me amazes on two fronts.
Realtime Arts Magazine, Australia
Audience feedback, Proximity Festival 2014
Dance With Me was so intense and beautiful – it reminded me of the yellow wallpaper and that strangeness of entrapment.
Audience feedback, Proximity Festival 2014
If I was to become unwell in the mind, I'd love to dance with a wolf again.
Audience feedback, Proximity Festival 2014