A playful and quirky live performance looking at decision-making through the neurons involved in the process, the difficulty we have in knowing what we really want and the complexity of the worlds around and within us. Using the image of a meadow and the stars above, performance maker Sylvia Rimat looks at the decisions that have shaped this very performance, retraces a lifetime of decision-making and celebrates the choice that each audience member made to join her.

‘If you decide to stay’ is informed by conversations with neuroscientists, mathematicians, experimental psychologists, a psychotherapist and an astrologist, who all supported Sylvia in an attempt to find out more about what’s going on in her brain, about early childhood incidents that may or may not be relevant and about the uncountable alternative routes that would have been possible.


Commissioned and produced by In Between Time for IBT13 International Festival of Performance. Developed at The Basement through East by South East and at Residence. Supported by Arts Council England, Bristol Old Vic Ferment and ICIA Bath.



A total delight from start to finish.
Total Theatre
Witty, thought-provoking and brutally honest.
ICIA Arts Ambassadors Review
Rimat is a very appealing performer. She has a wonderfully dry sense of humour.
The Good Review
Her artwork confronted the question of personal agency and choice face on, through a frank personal story of the artist's own conflicted relationship with decision making. The piece was far more than that and reached into concepts of time, identity, and nomenclature - defining one's choices in the world as defining oneself.
Exeunt Magazine
A thought-provoking piece