Lecture performance and workshop at University of Bristol

On Monday 25th March 2013 I will be showing excerpts of my new performance ‘If You Decide To Stay’ in form of a lecture performance, at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. The show is informed by conversations with specialists from Neuroscience, Mathematics, Experimental Psychology, by a Psychotherapist and an Astrologist. In a conversation with Dr. Paul Howard-Jones, Reader in Neuroscience and Education, the idea came up that this lecture performance could, in return, inspire formal research.

The lecture performance will be followed by a workshop, facilitated for researchers and students. We will start with creative exercises and explore ideas based on my interdisciplinary approach for developing this performance. We will focus on how performance may inspire experiential research, help capture data from others and help disseminate findings. I am very curious to see what will be coming out of this, it’s a real experiment…..