I guess if the stage exploded… at British Council Showcase 2013 in Edinburgh


I am really delighted that my performance I guess if the stage exploded… has been invited to be part of this year’s British Council Edinburg Showcase. I’ve never been to Edinburgh before. I will be performing at Summerhall, in The Red Lecture Theatre, from Mon 19th – Sat 24th August 2013, 12pm. This week will be manic with British Council breakfasts and parties, and of course I will try and see lots of other shows. Also good to know that friends from my artist collective Residence will be performing up there too. For instance Action Hero, Jo Bannon and Sam Halmarack will be showing as part of the Forest Fringe and are really worth checking out!

Anyway, what I really look forward to is working with a new performer in Edinburgh… a Scottish Eagle Owl with the name Fraggle!! I hope he can live up to the one and only Ollie, my English Eagle Owl co-performer. Well I will keep you posted.