THANK YOU for your kind support


I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the lovely people who have been donating money towards my crowd funding campaign on Without all of you I wouldn’t be able to bring my performance I guess if the stage exploded… to Edinburgh this year. You are brilliant and I can’t express my gratitude enough. So this is for you… drum rolls… the people who stepped in… drum rolls getting louder…. and here they ARE:

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Crowd-funding campaign for ‘I guess if the stage exploded…’

It’s now less than three weeks until I will be performing as part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase at Summerhall and I am starting to get really excited!!

To support my showings up in Edinburgh I’ve started a crowd-funding campaign. In order to perform six times, I will have to pay for a stage manager, a technician, space hire, travel expenses and accommodation, technical equipment, marketing, fees for external performers live via skype connection and for FRAGGLE, the Scottish Eagle Owl which will be performing alongside me. And FRAGGLE will be lovely for sure but he doesn’t come cheap….

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I guess if the stage exploded… at British Council Showcase 2013 in Edinburgh


I am really delighted that my performance I guess if the stage exploded… has been invited to be part of this year’s British Council Edinburg Showcase. I’ve never been to Edinburgh before. I will be performing at Summerhall, in The Red Lecture Theatre, from Mon 19th – Sat 24th August 2013, 12pm. This week will be manic with British Council breakfasts and parties, and of course I will try and see lots of other shows. Continue reading →

Lecture performance and workshop at University of Bristol

On Monday 25th March 2013 I will be showing excerpts of my new performance ‘If You Decide To Stay’ in form of a lecture performance, at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. The show is informed by conversations with specialists from Neuroscience, Mathematics, Experimental Psychology, by a Psychotherapist and an Astrologist. In a conversation with Dr. Paul Howard-Jones, Reader in Neuroscience and Education, the idea came up that this lecture performance could, in return, inspire formal research.

The lecture performance will be followed by a workshop, facilitated for researchers and students. We will start with creative exercises and explore ideas based on my interdisciplinary approach for developing this performance. We will focus on how performance may inspire experiential research, help capture data from others and help disseminate findings. I am very curious to see what will be coming out of this, it’s a real experiment…..


Premiere of If You Decide To Stay

I am really excited about my new upcoming performance If You Decide To Stay, which will be presented as part of the intriguing IBT13 International Festival of Performance.

The premiere will take place on Sat 16 Feb13, at 1.30pm at Arnolfini Bristol. The show has already sold out, but more info can be found here.

Please also check out the works of my friends Jo Bannon, Alex Bradley, Action Hero and Helen Cole’s We See Fireworks at IBT13 which all promise to be most inspiring!

And I really look forward to the Dressage party at Lakota on the eve of 16 Feb13, which promises to be a bit kinky and delightful. Hope to see you there .

Autumn tour of ‘I guess if the stage exploded…’

From September onwards I will be travelling around nationally and in Europe to present four more showings of ‘I guess if the stage exploded…’, as part of Aarhus Festival in Denmark (4 September), inTACTO Festival in Spain (14 September), at The Junction in Cambridge (10 October) and at Colchester Arts Centre (14 November). More details can be found on the left hand side of this page.


I am really excited as I will be working with new eagle owls in Denmark and Spain. The eagle owl in Denmark is called Ula, I hope she can live up to Ollie’s amazing performance!!


The tour is funded by Arts Council England.

If you decide to stay

I’ve just presented a very early work-in-progress showing at Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment on Friday 27th July. It marked the starting point of my new performance project ‘If you decide to stay’, which I will be developing over the second half of 2012. The project draws on decision-making, acknowledging the complexity of the world within and around us. During the wip some loose images and first thoughts were presented, around the decisions necessary to create a show, whilst the choice of each individual audience member was celebrated to have come along to join.


lovely little snippet of what looks like a great new show!‘ 2Destination Language


Over the next weeks and months I will embark on a journey to retrace a life-time of decision-making. This journey will see me leading conversations with a Neuroscientist, to find out more about neuronal activity involved in decision-making, as well as having meetings with a Psychotherapist, to analyze early childhood incidents that may shed light on how I deal with decisions in my life. A mathematician will be approached to investigate the influence of coincidence and to consider the uncountable alternative routes that would have been possible…… So watch out for more info to come sooooon.

You & Your Work Gets Funding

We are very proud that we were successful with fundraising (Grants for the Arts ACE, Groundwork, Arnolfini) and so You & Your Work (Y&YW) is back! Hey! This time in partnership with Arnolfini,The Wellspring Healthy Living Centre and The Walled Garden Project in Bristol, we’ll be producing our ninth festival entitled ‘Here and There’ presenting and exploring risk-taking participatory performance in relation to shifting locations and contexts. The festival will take place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of June 2012, so do put these dates in your diaries! Watch out this space for more info or just go to our website.

IBT Associate Artist

Today it’s still top secret news, but on Monday it will be official: I’ve been made an IBT Associate Artist in Bristol, W O W !! So come along on Monday 16th April to IBT’s launch event at the Thekla, where it will all become official and we can raise a glass (or two..)!!

Arts Council Funding

I am very happy to let you all know that I was successful with my Grants for the Arts ACE funding application, and so you will see me soon on the road for my little tour of I guess if the stage exploded…, hurrah! Here some details of the showings in spring:


★ Sat 28th April 2012 at ICIA Bath, 7.30pm

★ Fri 18th May 2012 at 8.30pm at The Basement, as part of Brighton Festival

★ Tues 15th May, 11am – 1pm, as part of Caravan Showcase in Brighton


This will be a 15min pitch presentation only, to international delegates.


I would love to see you at one or the other showing, but if you can’t make that, there will be more performances taking place in autumn 2012 and I will post more details soon!

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